Bilete ARRIVAL FESTIVAL 2022 - Valea Jiului, jud. Hunedoara


Valea Jiului, jud. Hunedoara, Lupeni


Arrival Festival is a new large-scale festival which will take place in the Romanian Jiu Valley, a true garden of Eden in the Carpathian Mountains.


Protected by the imposing Straja Peak, Lupeni can only be described as a paradisiacal island in a sea of mountains, coal and ancient forests. The most crucial pages of Romanian history were all written here as thousands of fearless warriors fought for their freedom and lands.

Having witnessed all the battles of the Great War, Straja has now become a symbol of peace, prosperity and bravery. This magnificent town is also a perfect destination for any thrill-seeker, history enthusiast and sport fan. Looming over entire cities at 1445m height, it will be waiting for you all at the end of August.

However, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the festival considering the COVID-19 crisis. Local and regional authorities are still trying to mitigate the impact of the outbreak. In this volatile situation, the fate of our beloved festival is to be settled by the government in the near future. We will continue to pursue the dream of "Arrival", but our main priority remains the well-being of our participants.